Carla Stratfold

SVP, Real Networks

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: Stratfold, whose career includes stints at BackWeb Technologies and Oracle Corp., is on the point for much of Real Network Inc.’s dealings with cable. Applications in the music, gaming and video space took hold in 2005 and Stratfold’s team is working diligently toward continued progression this year.

HIGH ’05s: “We made great strides in 2005, working with MSOs to bring Real’s Rhapsody music and Arcade games to their high-speed customers. We launched Rhapsody Radio with Comcast and signed a Rhapsody distribution deal with Cox [Communications Inc.]. On the technology front, we also successfully trialed OnlineTV with Time Warner Cable in San Diego. Personally, working closely with Time Warner Cable as the first operator to trial online TV was a very rewarding and special achievement.”

PICKS IN ’06: “Our initiatives for 2006 will be launching Rhapsody with Cox, to bring our award-winning music service to more than 3 million high-speed Internet subscribers. We also want to expand the presence of OnlineTV to PCs in the cable industry and continue our work with CableLabs to ensure we build our technology for the greatest advantage to the industry.”

MY TIME: “I’ve been married 14 years to a beautiful husband from England and we have two lovely boys, 10 and 11. We enjoy camping — one of our favorite spots is the Mount St. Helens National Park. We love to travel, cook and watch movies — especially the Hayao Miyazaki animated movies such as Spirited Away. I personally love the strong female characters in his stories.”