Card Sharks clinches WWOR-TV

Pearson's fall 2001 game contender Card Sharks has just locked up its last hole for complete `firm go' status - a New York clearance on WWOR-TV.

The clearance on that station is significant, considering a big complaint at NATPE was that the Chris-Craft stations were especially taking their time in acquiring new shows, slowing down syndicators' selling efforts in the top markets.

Most felt Chris-Craft's stalling was because of its pending purchase by News Corp., a deal that looks solid but has yet to be completely finalized. Pearson's news could be a signal that more Chris-Craft acquisitions are on the horizon.

Shows that could be helped by this include Universal's Fifth Wheel, which hasn't yet found a New York home.

Also a pack of action hours have also not shored up real estate in either New York or Los Angeles, home to Chris-Craft-owned KCOP-TV.

Those include Pearson's Lean Angle and Colosseum, New Line's Hard Knox, Promark's The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne and Lions Gate/Mercury Entertainment's Tracker.
- Susanne Ault