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Card Sharks

Pearson Television North America

Pearson Television North America is dipping into the rich Goodson game show library once again. Two years ago, the studio brought out Family Feud
in syndication with comedian Louie Anderson as the host. Last year, John O'Hurley of Seinfeld
fame was the front-man for Pearson's remake of To Tell the Truth. And for fall 2001, it's former Love Connection
lead man, Pat Bullard, who is leading a comeback of classic game Card Sharks.

It's the fifth time Card Sharks
has been given a chance on the small screen, and Pearson executives say the latest model is definitely ready for the new century.

"This is another game-show format that people can play along with, and that we can brand and franchise with," says Joe Scotti, Pearson Television North America's president of distribution. There will still be the famous playing cards and contestants yelling "Higher" or "Lower," but there won't be any survey questions. Instead, video vignettes with actors and real people will challenge contestants to wager on the outcome of moral dilemmas.

"In one of the pilot episodes, we had a very attractive young woman walk into an office area carrying a ladder," says Jeff Mirkin, Pearson's vice president of development. "She has to hang a banner, but her ladder is a little shaky. So she grabs a guy and asks him if he'll help her by holding the ladder while she climbs up. Of course she is wearing a little skirt and dilemma is if the guy will look up her skirt. And in the pilot, he surely does."

Show: Card Sharks

Studio/Distributor: Pearson Television North America

Clearance: N/A

Barter: 3.5/3.5

Debut: Fall 2001