Canoe: VOD Ad Impressions Surpass 6B in Q1

Canoe, the MSO-backed supplier of dynamic VOD ad tech and services, said ad impression on its platform surpasses 6 billion in Q1 2018, up 25% from the year-ago period.

Canoe, which shared new data in concert with this week’s Pay TV Show in Denver, said those impressions spanned set-top boxes, IP and mobile platforms.

In Q1, the bulk of VOD ad impressions were mid-rolls (5.25 billion), versus pre-roll (806.75 million) and post-roll (90.71 million). The average ad opportunities per mid-role break was 3.85 in Q1, compared to 1.18 for pre-roll ads, and 1.52 for post-roll ads.

Canoe said 99% of ads in mid-roll slots were watched to completion 99% of the time, on average.

With respect to ad frequency, 57% of the time in a given episode, viewers saw the same campaign ad one time, and about 36% of the time they saw the same campaign ad twice.

Some 2,522 campaigns were run on Canoe’s platform in Q1, with 83% coming from external clients, and 17% for network tune-in ads.

Canoe’s footprint currently covers 36 million cable households and the top DMAs in partnership with Charter Communications, Comcast and Cox Communications. More than 100 national TV networks are running campaigns with Canoe, including A&E, ABC, AMC, CBS, CMT, CW, Discovery, Fox, Hallmark, Hip Hop, HGTV, Kabillion, Kid Genius, MTV, MGM, Music Choice, NBC, Sony, Starz, TNT, TVOne, and Univision, among others.

“We continue to see consumer video consumption trending toward on-demand in the living room and cable VOD has played a big role in that,” Joel Hassell, CEO of Canoe, said in a statement. “Even with connected devices capturing more market share in 2017, VOD DAI commands a 19% share of overall premium video ad views.”