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Cameron, Pace to Keynote Opening Session of NAB Show

Filmmaker James Cameron (Avatar,
Titanic) and cinematographer Vince
Pace will keynote the opening session of this year's NAB Show
in Las Vegas April 11 to
"discuss recent developments and innovations in 3D technology and
storytelling and future implications for the entertainment industry at

Although broadcast 3D is currently problematic on both
the transmission side and economics for ad-supported content given the small
number of sets, NAB has included 3E as
a potential element part of a broadcast future that will need enough spectrum
to be competitive in a digital, on-demand, broadband, 3D-friendly future.

"3D technology has come a long way in the last few years, but its full potential will be driven by market demand," said an NAB spokesperson explaining the choice of a 3D keynote. "It is not outside the realm of possibility that with advances in compression technology, broadcasters can become players in the 3D arena, particularly if there is a migration to new transmission schemes like MPEG 4."

In addition, she pointed out that the show also
looks beyond strictly broadcasting to content creation "for all platforms."