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Calrec Opens California Office

Calrec Audio has opened an office in Santa Clarita, Calif. to expand the support
it provides to customers in the western, southeastern, and south central United States and western Canada.

addition the company also announced that Bexel will no longer represent Calrec
sales and support efforts after November 30th. Calrec reports that
the "two companies will continue a close relationship via Bexel's ongoing
rental business."

part of an expansion effort, Calrec also recently expanded its operations in
the U.K. and added a new
office in the Asia-Pacific region.

strive to maintain a high standard of service for all of our customers around
the world, and we're fortunate to have a substantial customer base in the U.S.," said Dave
Letson, Calrec regional director of sales. "Laying down roots in this
important region with permanently established sales, support, and back-office
staff allows us to offer sales and technical support in a timely fashion. We
are also investing in demo facilities to give customers and freelancers the
opportunity to train on our products."

also has a long-established relationship with New York-based Studio Consultants
Inc. (SCI), which supports Calrec's customers in the
eastern United States. That relationship
will continue and the California office will serve
customers outside of SCI's territory.