Cadbury Sweet On ITV Campaign With MTVN, Dish

MTV Networks, Cadbury and Dish Network are teaming on interactive ad campaigh behind the candy maker’s Sour Patch Kids.

Available exclusively in Dish Network homes nationwide, interactive TV voting and polling, presented by Cadbury’s Sour Patch Kids, will be enabled during The N’s all-new reality series, Queen Bees, which premieres Friday, July 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

The campaign, billings for which were not disclosed, will give audiences the chance to interact directly throughout the show, as viewers will be prompted with three different sets of questions and results on the bottom third of their screens: “Fill in the Blank,” “Sour or Sweet” and “Star Chart Play Along.”

The questions will be presented before commercial breaks and the voting results will appear immediately following the commercial break, encouraging viewer retention throughout the pod. Sour Patch Kids’ branding will be incorporated throughout the iTV application. Additionally, The N will weave Sour Patch Kids’ product attributes into one question each episode.

“We’re working hard to reinvent commercial time as content time, and interactive television is emerging as a strong tool for fostering engagement with our audiences, while providing greater accountability to marketers,” said MTVN sale president Hank Close in a statement. “This partnership signals that we’re open for business in iTV advertising, and we’re excited to step into the marketplace with great partners like Dish Network and Cadbury.”

Nogted Dish executive vice president Michael Kelly: “For more than seven years, Dish Network has been a leader in iTV and we are excited to continue our innovative work with MTV Networks and Cadbury to build the next platform of interactivity between audience, programmer and marketers. Queen Bees’ unique application creates a new level of connectivity which compliments the programming, pleases the viewer and provides valuable data for the client.”