Cablevision Launches Interactive Games Service

Cablevision Systems Corp.’s iO: Interactive Optimum digital customers now have access to seven interactive games.

The MSO has launched the suite utilizing games developed by Visionik A/S, a subsidiary of NDS Group plc. The portal for the games is designed in partnership with Schematic, which implements interactive solutions.

The new games include “Bob the Baloney Frog,” an enhanced version of computer game “Minesweeper,” “Dudes,” an update of “Tetris,” “Planet Raider,” “Sumo Tsunami,” “Word Nerd,” “Speed Spell” and “Backgammon.”

Pricing is $4.95 per month.

In a few weeks, Cablevision will double the current number of interactive games with the addition of a suite of casino games such as video poker, blackjack and slots.

Cablevision now has more than 1 million iO customers, about one-third of its base.