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Cablevision to Fox: Try Again

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Several hours after it filed a memo with the Federal Communications Commission claiming it hadn't received a response from Cablevision Systems regarding its upcoming retransmission consent offer, Fox Networks got its answer: Try again.

Earlier Tuesday Fox networks sent a memo to the FCC claiming it had made a proposal on Oct. 5 to Cablevision regarding its retransmission negotiations and answered questions the MSO had on the next day. The memo stated that Fox had not heard a response from Cablevision after Oct. 6.

In a letter dated Oct. 12 to Fox Networks president of affiliate sales and marketing Michael Hopkins, Cablevision executive vice president of programming Mac Budill issued that response, telling that the price the networks wants the MSO to pay is too high.

In the letter, Budill said that on Sept. 21 Cablevision made a proposal that would have the MSO pay a rate equal to or higher than that paid to other broadcasters in the New York area. Fox rejected that proposal and countered with a rate that Cablevision claims is higher than the rate it pays all other New York area broadcasters combined.

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