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Cablevision Asks for Binding Arbitration

Cablevision Systems said Thursday that it would submit to binding
arbitration to resolve its carriage dispute with Fox Networks, but the
broadcaster said its differences would be better solved through direct

In what has become a common call to action by MSOs in carriage disputes - Time Warner Cable, Mediacom, and Cablevision
have all asked for it in earlier carriage spats - Cablevision said it
would submit to binding third party arbitration to settle the dispute,
which would also mean that Fox would not be able to pull its signal
after the Oct. 15 deadline. So far, a pair of Long Island, N.Y.
Congressmen - Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) and Rep. Steve Israel
(D-Huntington) - have urged the two parties to submit to arbitration.

a statement, Cablevision said it would "work around the clock" to reach
a new agreement and urged Fox not to pull its signals.

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