CableLabs Uses IPDR Protocol in OCAP 1.1

The Internet Protocol Detail Record industry consortium, which aims to establish usage standards for IP services, announced Tuesday that Cable Television Laboratories adopted IPDR's streaming protocol into the OpenCable Application Platform 1.1 specification for interactive-TV applications.

As defined by the OCAP 1.1 spec, set-top boxes will transmit metrics to an operator's headend via the IPDR Streaming Protocol (IPDR/SP).

"The integration of technologies into OCAP represents a significant impact to the cable industry and offers cable operators the capability of providing detailed metrics from the home network with next-generation television, communication and entertainment," president and chief operating officer Kelly Anderson said in a prepared statement.

CableLabs already uses the IPDR Streaming Protocol as part of the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification for cable modems. Other industry groups that have adopted IPDR/SP include the Alliance for Telecommunication Industry Solutions.