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CableLabs Sues Buckeye for Unpaid Dues: Report

CableLabs has filed suit against Buckeye Broadband in a Colorado federal court, claiming the Ohio cable operator hasn’t paid its dues all year, Cablefax reports.

The journal said Buckeye, which is owned by Block Communications, decided to pull out of the industry consortium at the beginning of 2018, and has not paid its Q1, Q2 and Q3 dues. CableLabs, meanwhile, is reportedly digging in, holding the operator to a three-year-notice requirement that wouldn’t leave it eligible to leave the organization cleanly until Jan. 21, 2021.

CableLabs said it can't comment on pending litigation, while Block Communications commenting. The suit was filed Friday in Colorado District Court.

Buckeye’s decision to leave CableLabs, an organization it joined in 1992, reportedly came after the consortium announced its 2018 dues, which were determined to by 0.05157% of the members revenue from cable services from the previous quarter. 

Buckeye remains listed on CableLabs list of member companies