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CableLabs: 63% of U.S. Housing Units Have Gigabit-Speed Access

Around 63% of U.S. housing units have access to gigabit-or-higher internet speeds, according to data released Thursday by CableLabs.

Of those housing units, 74% of them exist in a cable company’s footprint.

The rise of gigabit-speed access has been steep. Access has increased 7% just in the last three months, the jointly operated cable industry consortium said. And as recently as December 2016, only 4% of U.S. domiciles had gigabit speed access.

“Cable’s deployment of high-capacity broadband networks is enabling the gigabit services of today and the symmetric multi-gigabit services of tomorrow,” said Mark Walker, director of technology policy for CableLabs, in a blog post. “With the wide availability of gigabit service and beyond, the broadband infrastructure is in place to power emerging technologies that will transform and enhance our lives through immersive entertainment, next-generation healthcare and a re-imagination of education and work.”