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CableLabs Peers Into Future of Telemedicine and Healthcare

CableLabs this week released a new video that shows how the industry’s wired broadband networks and increased focus on wireless connectivity in the home can play a big role in innovations that will be coming to the world of healthcare and telemedicine.

CableLabs released the video and associated materials, titled The Near Future. A Better Place, in conjunction with the CableLabs Winter Summer Conference in Keystone, Colo. It’s the second in a series in that vein that followed one released last year that focused on cable’s role in the evolution of virtual reality and augmented reality.

The video centers on an 86-year-old man who has become reliant on connected apps and services, including smart medicines, wearables, artificial intelligence, remote exams and an array of sensors, that aim to improve and extend his quality of life at home and to stay connected with loved ones.  The video also peers into how a new breed of autonomous vehicles will help him stay active and mobile away from home.

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Speaking at a press conference Monday, Phil McKinney, CEO of CableLabs said video was created based on a “personal inspiration” based on the experiences of his parents and grandparents to explain and describe how new the promise of these medically-focused technologies and services can improve home life for the elderly amid the struggles of more traditional healthcare programs and activities.

McKinney said the video is focused on “innovation with purpose” and “not just about speeds and feeds ,” by taking a closer look at the role of technology in the lives of individuals. He acknowledged that much of what is depicted in the video isn’t a reality yet, but hopes that the cable industry can work with and inspire those in the medical industry to bring some of these ideas to life.

At the same time, telemedicine has become a bigger focus for cable operators and their business services operations.  Cox Communications, for example, recently partnered with the Cleveland Clinic to form Vivre Health, a strategic alliance focused on bringing homecare to the home using broadband and other technologies.  Cox also has invested in HealthSpot, a company focused on patient and provider-driven telehealth technology.

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McKinney said a challenge ahead is to simplify these technologies for the people they are intended for.

“We are not there yet today to make this future happen because of the complexity,” he said, noting that the video shows an always-on set-up that doesn’t require components such as a keyboard or a mouse.

Watch the video below: