CableLabs OKs Six DOCSIS 3.0 Products

 CableLabs has bestowed holiday blessings on six DOSIS 3.0 cable modems and voice-modems, certifying customer-premises gear from Motorola, Netgear, SMC, Ubee Interactive and CastleNet.

Products that were certified for DOCSIS 3.0 in CableLabs' Certification Wave 71 were: Motorola's SurfBoard SBG6580 wireless cable modem gateway; Netgear's CMD31B 8-by-4 cable modem and CG3200D Wireless-N voice/data cable gateway; CastleNet's CBC-381 cable modem; SMC's D3USG embedded multimedia terminal adapter (eMTA); and Ubee's DVW3200 eMTA.

The eMTAs from SMC and Ubee were also certified for PacketCable 1.5. In addition, the cable R&D consortium certified two DOCSIS 2.0 products: Arris' TM632A eMTA and AM Communications' DSM3 cable modem.