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CableLabs, ABC Enable VOD Triggering

CableLabs is in Atlanta demonstrating how its enhanced television (eTV) specification has can be used for "triggering" a video-on-demand (VOD) stream from a linear broadcast application, using an application developed by the ABC Enhanced TV Group of the Walt Disney Internet Group.

CableLabs says the addition of VOD triggering to the national eTV specification will allow programming networks to "embed" a signal in their show that allows viewers to call up an on-demand stream of additional entertainment or advertising content in a standard way supported by the cable operators.

The eTV/VOD demonstration is part of the CableNET technology showcase at the NCTA convention. Other participants in the VOD demonstration, which operates on current-generation digital set-top boxes, include CableLabs, Motorola, SeaChange, Softel-USA, TVWorks (a joint venture of Comcast and Cox), S&T, and UniSoft.

"We have made substantial progress on the eTV specifications and adding video on demand applications is a major milestone," said Don Dulchinos, Senior VP, advanced platforms and services, CableLabs. "And of course, the VOD capability enables on-demand advertising as well."