Cable TV Pioneers Names Class Of 2008

The Cable TV Pioneers has selected its class of 2008, with the new members to be inducted May 18 at its 42nd annual banquet held during The Cable Show in New Orleans.

This year, 26 members, representing executives from small and large cable operators, engineers, technologists, programmers, media and financiers, are being added to the ranks of pioneers that have made significant contributions to the industry over a minimum of 20 years.

The members of the 2008 class of Cable TV Pioneers are:

Gregory Allshouse, facilities manager, Comcast;
Bridget Baker, president, TV networks distribution, NBC Universal;

Richard Bechtel, systems engineer, Cable One;
Greg Bicket, senior vice president, general manager, Cox New Orleans;

Paul Braun, vice president, public affairs, Time Warner Cable National;

Keith Burkley, president, Time Warner Cable, Northeast Division;

James Carlson, president, Carlson & Co.;

Joel Cohen, chairman and CEO, Harron Communications;

David Fellows, executive fellow, Comcast;

Steve Gautereaux, vice president, network management, Cox Communications;

Thomas Jackson Gullette, retired, owner and operator, Gullette Family Properties;                   

Michael P. Harney, president, subscriber networks, Cisco;                                                         

Steve Havey, vice president, general manager, subscriber products, Cisco;

Russell Hilliard, owner, operator, Cable USA;                                              

Michael Johnson, owner, president, Amtec;                                                              

J. Roger Kennedy, Jr., owner, operator, Kennedy Network Services;                       

B. John Kindworth, retired, owner and operator, Virgin Islands;

Mark Manning, vice president, North American Broadband, CommScope;                                          
Dan Mulvenon, vice president, corporate communications, National Cable Television Cooperative;

Steve Nelson, president, The Cable Channel;                                    

Richard Palmer, senior vice president, finance, administration, Comcast;                         
John Pascarelli, executive vice president, operations, Mediacom Communications;                                          

Jeffrey Rex Porter, regional sales director, Big Band Networks;                                        

Gregory Price, president, Allen’s TV Cable Service;                    

Russ Skinner, president, CTO, Broadband Media Engineering; and     

Thomas Staniec, vice president, transport, network engineering Time Warner Cable.