Cable-Tec Expo: SCTE Intros Broadband Installer's Guidebook

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers is now selling an installation and troubleshooting guidebook for broadband services, which will serve as the basis for an online-training program for broadband technicians.

The SCTE's Professional Development team created the Broadband Premises Installation and Service Guidebook to help prepare installers and technicians to pass the SCTE Broadband Premises Installer (BPI) and Broadband Premises Technician (BPT) certification examinations.

In the future, SCTE plans to introduce an e-learning course for broadband installers geared around the guidebook.

"As cable's role in the communications landscape has grown, so has the need to ensure zero-defect installations for customers," said Daniel Howard, SCTE's senior vice president of engineering and CTO. "Working closely with representatives of the cable system operator community, SCTE's Broadband Premises Installation and Service Guidebook and subsequent e-learning course will increase the technical knowledge and best-practices skills that today's broadband professionals require."

The guide covers all aspects of the installation process, with sections including: technology, systems and requirements; customer service; planning; aerial and underground installations; cable entry to the premises; connecting customer equipment; troubleshooting and repairs; reducing signal impairments; and safe work practices.

The Broadband Premises Installation and Service Guidebook is $119 for SCTE members and $149 for non-members. Volume discounts are available.

The SCTE's 2011 Cable-Tec Expo is taking place Nov. 15-17 in Atlanta.