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Cable-Tec Expo: SCTE Board Names LaJoie Chairman

Mike LaJoie, executive vice president and CTO for Time Warner Cable, will serve as chairman of the board of directors of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers for the 2011-12 term, the SCTE board said following elections held in conjunction with SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2011 in Atlanta.

LaJoie was joined on the 2011-12 board by:
Vice chairman: Terry Cordova, senior vice president and CTO, Suddenlink Communications;

Secretary: Alan Tschirner, vice president, technology, NCTC; and

Treasurer: Steve Taber, vice president, engineering & operations, Comcast.

As immediate past chairman of the SCTE Board of Directors, Bob Foote, TriNet Communications, remains a member of the board's executive committee.

"With the universal engineering and operations challenges and opportunities ahead, there is high value in having representatives from large and small operators and the vendor community on our executive committee," Mark Dzuban, president and CEO of SCTE, said in a release. "I'd like to express my thanks to the 2010-11 officers for their guidance and support over the past year, and look forward to working with Mike LaJoie, Terry Cordova, Alan Tschirner, Steve Taber and Bob Foote on continued new initiatives that can drive value for the entire industry."

In addition to LaJoie, Cordova, Tschirner, Taber, and Foote, the other 10 members of the 2011-12 SCTE board of directors are:

Dick Amell, Bright House Networks;

Tony Faccia, Rogers CableCommunications;

Dr. Richard Green, formerly of CableLabs;

Tommy Hill, Mediacom Communications;

Roger Hughes, Armstrong Cable Services;

Joe Jensen, Buckeye CableSystem;

Bob Legg, Suddenlink Communications;

Patrick O'Hare, Comcast Cable Communications;

Leslie W. Read, Read Broadband Services;

Rick Sullivan, Times Fiber Communications.

The following individuals are serving on the 2011-'12 SCTE Operations Committee, which comprises the representatives from each of the 12 U.S. regions and the Canadian region:

Region 1: Ed Marchetti, Comcast Cable Communications;

Region 2: Nick Segura, Charter Communications;

Region 3: Steve Taber, Comcast Cable Communications;

Region 4: Leslie W. Read, Read Broadband Services;

Region 5: Rick Sullivan, Times Fiber Communications;

Region 6: David Haigh, Midcontinent Communications;

Region 7: Joe Jensen, Buckeye CableSystem;

Region 8: Tommy Hill, Mediacom Communications;

Region 9: Rick Jubeck, 4Cable TV;

Region 10: Bob Legg, Suddenlink Communications;

Region 11: Roger Hughes, Armstrong Cable Services;

Region 12: Bob Foote, TriNet Communications;

Canada: Tony Faccia, Rogers Cable Communications.

Following the election of its officers today in Atlanta, the 2011-12 SCTE board conducted its first meeting.

The 2011 edition of SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, the society's flagship event, takes place this Tuesday through Thursday, Nov. 15-17 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.