Cable-Tec Expo: Aurora Stretches 40 Fiber Wavelengths 40 Kilometers

Orlando -- Aurora Networks is promising to extend the reach and capacity of cable’s HFC networks with the introduction of a multiwavelength transmitter that can deliver 40 wavelengths of full spectrum transmission at 40 kilometers without amplification.

The full-spectrum dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) transmitter, the AT3545G-xx-1 (pictured above), for Aurora’s smart node platform will let MSOs increase capacity-per-subscriber over greater distances, the company said.

“As the multiwavelength pioneer, Aurora Networks continues to evolve the technology, being the first to offer 40 wavelengths of full spectrum transmission at 40 km reach, with no amplification, making our solutions more fiber-efficient than ever,” Aurora vice president of marketing John Dahlquist said. “We are making it possible for operators to cost-effectively expand their network capacity, enabling operators to reach additional customers and offer higher-capacity services while avoiding costly construction.”

Aurora also is launching the new Trident7 Optical Line Terminal (OLT) blade, aimed at MSOs’ commercial services. The privately held company last year bought Enablence Technologies' Trident7 passive optical network technology for $5.1 million.

The Trident7 blade provides double the port density of the current platform with eight Ethernet PON ports, according to the company. A single chassis can support more than 4,600 optical network terminals (ONTs) with up to 18 Trident7 blades in a chassis, assuming a 1x32 split. 

In addition, Aurora is introducing a new marketing tagline, “Defining the Evolution,” at Cable-Tec Expo. The message is intended to suggest that Aurora’s line of fiber-optic networking solutions, including fiber-deep and RF over glass (RFoG), will help operators reduce capital costs and operational overhead while future-proofing their networks.