Cable Tec Expo 2009: PCT Charges Up Modem Battery-Testing System

PCT International is demonstrating a battery-testing and -charging system that's designed to let cable operators more easily to test, recharge and redeploy voice-enabled cable modems.

The system includes servers, testing software and a tester/charger, and can be stacked to service up to 192 batteries in a single 19-inch rack. The company noted that batteries from some of the earliest deployments of cable-voice modems, known as embedded multimedia terminal adapters (eMTAs), are approaching the end of their initial charge life,

"As batteries reach the recommended timeframe for testing and recharging, we've been working closely with operators to identify new ways to address those needs," PCT Canada president Cam Siddiqui said in a statement. "Our battery testing and charging system enables the efficient evaluation, redeployment and battery swap program that our customers require to protect the integrity of their subscribers' voice services."

PCT's system is capable of testing two-, three- and four-cell battery packs from most major manufacturers. The system plots minute-by-minute charging reports for power storage and linearity plots; provides current and voltage curves during charging and discharge mode; and tests the power drain linearity of the fully charged battery.