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Cable-Tec Expo 2009: Aurora Cranks QAM Transmitter To 80-Plus Channels

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Aurora Networks is taking the wraps off a QAM transmitter designed to support more than 80 quadrature amplitude modulation channels, with an eye toward delivering more broadband, VOD and other narrowcast services.

The AT3535G, which the company is introducing at this week's SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, is a sizeable step up from the 48 QAM channels supported by Aurora's previous AT3520G model.

The new QAM transmitter incorporates a preamplifier, which enables a very low input level to the transmitter -- a key requirement for narrowcast services because the complexity of routing the signals to the transmitter can result in greater signal attenuation. Whereas an external amplifier typically would be needed to maintain the correct input level for the transmitter, the AT3535G's preamplifier eliminates this need.

The extra QAM channels supported by the AT3535G "allow for the delivery of additional narrowcast services, permitting cable operators to provide more compelling, high-revenue offerings to subscribers," Aurora vice president of marketing John Dahlquist said.

Aurora also is introducing customer-premises equipment for Gigabit Ethernet passive optical network (GEPON) and RF over PON network architectures -- designed to let cable operators "future-proof" their networks with an all-fiber migration path.

The RFPON (CP8016U-55-42) and GEPON (CP8000N-66-45) devices are designed for either outdoor and indoor mounting. Both the CPEs are IEEE 802.3ah (EPON) compatible.

In addition, Aurora announced that it has integrated its Node PON platform with Sigma Systems' Device Provisioning Manager for DOCSIS equipment provisioning and activation, which will let cable operators use the same back-office provisioning technology they already employ for DOCSIS cable-modem services.