Cable Show 2012: This Tech Adds 'TV Everywhere,' Blackouts To Ad-Insertion System

This Technology's SpotLink platform is adding the ability to dynamically insert ads across TV Everywhere and other IP-based video services, as well as support blackout scheduling and implementation.

Announced last year, This Technology's SpotLink Router can now help programmers ensure consistent implementation of ad inventory sharing business rules across their own TV Everywhere video distribution paths, as well as MSO-managed video applications, including VOD and IPTV, according to the company. The SpotLink Router provides SCTE-130 interfaces to ad decision systems, and also can connect to existing broadband ad servers.

This Technology's Blackout Decision Server supports IP blackout entitlements with a solution for blackout scheduling and implementation. The new service, an enhancement of SpotLink and the MetaMore tool for asset metadata authoring, enables creation of blackout authoring rules and designation of alternate content for insertion when blackouts must be implemented.

"As the industry moves toward an IP-based environment, This Technology is helping customers overcome new challenges and scale multiscreen offerings with business models that drive revenue," This Technology CEO Jeffrey Sherwin said. "For blackouts in multiscreen environments, This Technology uses the same single-system approach to remove the complexities of managing various rules and requirements across various IP-based services, such as TV Everywhere and MSO IPTV applications."

Investors in New York-based This Technology include Jeff Binder, Jim Ramo, the Columbia Business School Lang Fund and Paul Kagan. The company also expects to make an announcement later this year regarding an institutional financing round.