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Cable Show 2012: Sigma Systems Lets MSOs Deliver 'Cloud' Applications To Business Users

Sigma Systems, a provider of converged broadband provisioning solutions, is launching the Sigma Cloud Service Broker, an integrated software-as-a-service platform aimed at letting cable operators deliver third-party applications to small and midsize business customers.

The Sigma Cloud Service Broker is built on the company's Service Management Platform, a multiservice fulfillment solution. The new solution integrates with existing business support systems (BSSs) and other back-office systems, and provides SMB end-user portals, order management and provisioning, billing integration and single sign-on across the software-as-a-service offerings.

"We take existing SaaS [software-as-a-service] applications, and allow a cable operator resell them as their own," said John Frame, director of product management at Sigma Systems. "We're thinking that companies with 20 employees are the absolute sweet spot -- because they have no I.T. organization."

The company has integrated the Cloud Service Broker with several third parties, including: Google Apps, SugarCRM, Mozy online backup, GoToMeeting, the security solution, and F-Secure.

When an order comes into the Sigma Cloud Service Broker system, it coordinates all the various pieces for provisioning. "We don't want to turn on SaaS until the high-speed data connection is turned on," Frame explained.

Sigma Systems is anticipating releasing the Cloud Service Broker in the fourth quarter of 2012. "We're looking to build out a catalog of 15 to 20 applications over time," Frame said.

Sigma Systems customers include Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Suddenlink Communications, Rogers Communications, Shaw Communications, Cogeco and WideOpenWest.