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Cable Show 2012: Arris Spins Web Over Moxi Gateway

Arris Group is introducing its second-generation software for its Moxi gateway solution that includes an HTML5 WebKit-based browser as well as support for MSO-customizable application storefronts and downloadable applications.

The Moxi 2.0 release also features a Web services application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK), which Arris said is designed to facilitate rapid application development on the platform.

At next week's 2012 Cable Show, Arris will show off an iPad application built with the new Moxi SDK and Web services API, that lets consumers interact with the Arris Whole Home Solution, including the ability to remotely access and schedule recordings.

"Release 2.0 of Moxi, with its integrated browser, application store and toolsets open the platform to expand that experience and present powerful extensions for the solution," Ron Miller, vice president of Moxi product management at Arris, said.

The Moxi Web Services API provides a full featured and RESTful command and control-interface enabling authorized partners to implement functions such as: Moxi Media player remote control; remote control key-press interaction; playing of linear and DVR content; and mobile device pairing for authorization.

Cable operators that have rolled out -- or plan to deploy -- the current Moxi software and Arris Whole Home Solution include WideOpenWest, Shaw Communications, Bend Broadband and Buckeye CableSystem. 

Arris obtained the Moxi product line and technologies through the acquisition of Paul Allen's Digeo in 2009 for $20 million.