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Cable Show 2011: Sigma Systems Gets Arms Around IP Video

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Sigma Systems is looking to help cable operators deliver video to a range of IP devices with an add-on to its core operations support system.

The company's IP Video Services Accelerator Solution -- which works in conjunction with the Sigma Service Management Platform -- lets MSOs provision video services to non-set-top platforms from a central system.

"If you have five or six different devices in a subscribers' home, that's not going to scale in the long term," Sigma Systems vice president of marketing Preston Gilmer said.

However, the product currently lacks support for Apple's iPad or other tablets and smartphones. Gilmer said those devices are on the road map.

The Sigma Systems IP Video Services Accelerator supports devices and client software from Cisco Systems, Motorola, NDS, Nagravision, TiVo, Arris/Moxi and Microsoft Mediaroom.

According to the company, the IP Video Services Accelerator solution has been selected by two North American MSOs to deliver a provisioning solution for enhanced entertainment services, including integration to leading vendors TiVo and NDS.

The IP Video Services Accelerator lets MSOs provision and manage services and applications delivered by IP residential home gateways managed by Sigma Systems' automated Device Provisioning Manager (DPM). The Service Management Platform also allows MSOs to provision and manage all services and applications to gateways.

One of the benefits of the solution, Gilmer said, is that it provides an integrated image of the subscriber's profile for both digital and IP video, providing a migration path from legacy cable TV to IP video.

Sigma Systems plans to demo the IP Video Services Accelerator at the Cable Show in Chicago. The company's customers include Cox Communications, Rogers Communications and Portugal's Zon Multimedia.