Cable Show 2009: Motorola Satellite Receiver Ups HD Counts

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Motorola announced the DSR-6300, an integrated receiver/decoder that transcodes MPEG-4 high-definition video to MPEG-2 video and optimizes bit-rate so that three channels can fit into one QAM.

The DSR-6300 features Motorola's closed-loop statistical multiplexing, which the vendor claimed dynamically allocates the optimal bandwidth to each program using a patented video-complexity analysis process. The IRD lets cable operators deliver three HD MPEG-2 channels per QAM, whereas traditionally two HD streams are allocated per 6-MHz QAM.

In addition, the DSR-6300 uses the in-band active format descriptor to translate input HD services to an appropriate standard-definition service with proper aspect ratio and resolution.

Motorola's transcoding IRD portfolio includes the DSR-6050, which transcodes MPEG-4 HD content into a MPEG-2 format for legacy cable subscribers with MPEG-2 set-tops. According to Motorola, last year the IRD was selected by programmers to deliver more than 60 new HD channels to affiliates.

General availability of the DSR-6300 is planned in North America and South America beginning in the third quarter. The IRD will be featured at Cable Show '09, next week in Washington, D.C., at Motorola's booth.