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NOW PLAYING: CBS' Sean McManus Talks College Sports...and Evening News

Sean McManus, president of CBS News and Sports, talks about the pressures facing CBS College Sports Network, the state of the 'CBS Evening News' and Bob Schieffer's new contract.

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Interactive Cable: Not So Fast

The cable industry may be pushing hard for Web-like interactivity via software and hardware upgrades, but in the wake of the NCTA show, the question of how much material impact it will have on the business remains unclear.>>>

Cable Cuts the Cord

While improved video-on-demand services, targeted advertising applications and super-high-speed DOCSIS 3.0 broadband systems were headline items at the NCTA convention in New Orleans last week, perhaps the most exciting new technology on the show floor didn’t rely on cable pipes.>>>

Cable Must Rev Up Addressable Advertising

New Orleans -- Target better or be left behind. That was the word to the cable industry from one of the country's largest automotive advertisers Tuesday in a call to arms to cable to speed its push for addressable advertising.">>>

NOW PLAYING: Anderson Cooper on Being Back in New Orleans

B&C talks with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper at The Cable Show about returning to New Orleans post-Katrina, and what the future holds for 'Anderson Cooper 360.'

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NBCU Takes OpenTV Companywide

New Orleans -- One year after NBC Universal tapped OpenTV for the interactive elements of hit Heroes, the media giant decided to expand the relationship companywide.">>>

Gutierrez Backs Network Management

Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez had a message of solidarity for cable operators Monday on the issue of "network management.">>>

Cablers Reject All-Free Content

New Orleans -- When a tech-industry speaker on Monday’s The Cable Show ’08 general session here said media will be forced to give away content because the Web is killing existing business models, other panelists responded, “Not so fast, my friend.">>>

NOW PLAYING: Q&A With William Kennard

Following the opening session of the Cable Show, the former FCC chairman discusses tru2way, the proposed broadband wireless network and the regulatory landscape.

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Starz to Use AdGorilla Marketing Tool

New Orleans -- AdGorilla announced that Starz Entertainment will use its “iCapture push2call” system for marketing itself to customers on cable operators’ Web sites.>>>

QVC Taps SES Americom for HD Transport

llite operator SES Americom is providing the satellite transport for QVCHD.>>>

TVN Revamp Creates Rapid-Response VOD

New Orleans -- TVN Entertainment is overhauling its infrastructure to enable VOD content to be repriced, repositioned and relabeled on the fly.>>>

VOD Just Scratching the Surface

New Orleans -- Comcast said it is now providing 500 on-demand programming choices in HD, including movies and TV shows from Starz and Showtime.>>>

Cable ‘Goes on Offense’

New Orleans -- Cable-industry leaders delivered a simple message at Sunday’s opening general session of The Cable Show ’08 here, with an estimated 14,000 attendees: The industry is “going on offense” even as competition mushrooms.>>>

Cable Stock Spurt

In recent weeks, most big cable companies have staged a mini-rally on Wall Street after showing surprising strength in first-quarter earnings in what some see as a sustainable trend. Despite worries from the credit crunch and lurking recession fears, operators’ stocks have been climbing since February, bolstered in part by the basic-cable networks, which are on a ratings hot streak.>>>

Programmers to Strut in Big Easy

As cable’s biggest players converge at The Cable Show ’08 in New Orleans, programmers pumped up by strong ratings have much to celebrate.>>>

NCTA’s McSlarrow Speaks

On the eve of The Cable Show ’08, National Cable & Telecommunications Association president Kyle McSlarrow talked with B&C’s John Eggerton about the biggest regulatory threat to his industry.>>>

ICTV Changes Name

New Orleans -- ICTV changed its name to ActiveVideo Networks and said it will focus on providing software and services instead of trying to sell headend hardware that reformats Web content for delivery over digital-cable networks.>>>

Does That Rerun Fit the Brand?

Syndicators that get premium license fees share a secret: Knowing a cable network’s brand strategy is the key to their pocketbook.>>>

CableLabs’ Green Tackles Interoperability

Cable Television Laboratories president and CEO Richard R. Green spoke with B&C’s Robert Marich about the DTV transition, CableLabs’ interactive-TV initiative and future technology issues.>>>

Food Network Changes Daytime Recipe

In an effort to keep its produce fresh, Food Network is changing its channel logo and rebranding its daytime cooking block, “In the Kitchen.”>>>

VOD: Time-Shifting Primetime

Video-on-demand services such as Time Warner Cable's Start Over and Look Back services and Cox Communications' MyPrimetime are proving that the legal logjam over the technology is breaking, as more networks and TV series producers agree to allow on-demand access to their content.>>>

Cable TV's Flagship Shows

With NCTA 2008 gearing up in New Orleans, it's a good time for cable networks to be a little self-reflective. In my last column, I asked what shows in particular gave broadcast networks their identity. So now I ask the cable networks: When viewers think of you, what are they likely to think of first?>>>