Cable One Touts Gigabit Deployment Milestone

Cable One said its GigaONE service is now available to residential customers across more than 95% of its legacy footprint, a move that extends the offering to more than 200 communities.

Cable One has been leaning on DOCSIS 3.0 technology (including D3.0 modems that can bond up to 32 downstream channels) to deliver up to 1 Gbps down and up to 50 Mbps in the upstream direction, and has been selling GigaONE for $175 per month.

Cable One currently applies a 1.5 terabyte data plan to its GigaONE offering. Per that Acceptable Use Policy, customers who exceed that limit three times may be required to upgrade to a different plan. For businesses, Cable One also offers fiber-based services that can deliver up to 10 Gbps of symmetrical data.

At the end of Q3, Cable One had 471,537 data subs on its legacy footprint, which reaches 1.68 million homes passed. Cable One added networks passing an additional 450,000 homes in parts of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas via its acquisition of NewWave Communications.

Cable One said it has invested more than $700 million over the past five years on network upgrades and enhancements. 

“In an effort to eliminate the digital divide in the communities we serve, we envisioned providing every customer in our footprint with access to Gigabit service, no matter where they live,” Julie Laulis, Cable One’s president and CEO said in a statement. “We are proud to say we are very close to reaching that goal in our legacy markets and we are thrilled to support the technology needs of the communities we serve – now and in the future.”