Cable ONE Slots In TOA For Mobile Workforce Management

Out with the old, in with the new. TOA Technologies said Cable ONE has slotted in its “ETAdirect” mobile workforce management platform as part of a project to boost operational efficiency.

Cable ONE has linked ETAdirect to its billing system and is using the combo to provide field-level support on systems spanning 19 states and 650,000 customers.

According to TOA, ETAdirect can learn, pattern and predict capacity/quote by time measurements, able to calculate the most accurate routing and scheduling possible “down to the minute.” That predictive nature also enables Cable ONE to send out automated reminders of appointment times, giving them the ability to confirm, cancel or reschedule.

Cable ONE is running ETAdirect via an HTML5 browser-based app on Panasonc Toughbook CF-19 field computers, but the MSO also has the option to run the app on other types of mobile devices, TOA said.

“My job is to make sure that each of our 800-plus field technicians get to the right job on-time, every time. With our current mobile workforce management system, we weren’t routing and scheduling customer appointments as optimally as possible due to capacity/quota being stuck in the billing system,” said Tad Drescher, manager, process improvement and workforce management at Cable ONE, in a statement. “This made it difficult to accurately get our field technicians to the right job, because the billing system doesn’t have the intelligence to create an actual, real-time view of capacity/quota.”