Cable ONE Gooses Upstream Speeds

Cable ONE is boosting upstream speeds across the board as part of a free upgrade.

  • The 50 Mbps downstream for the MSO's “Streaming” plan is now paired with a 3 Mbps upload;
  • The 60 Mbps “Premier” plan has been bumped to a 4 Mbps upload;
  • The 70 Mbps “Ultra Plan” now comes with an upstream that  maxes out at 6 Mbps.

Before the upgrade, Cable ONE had offered a uniform 2 Mbps upstream across those plans. Customers will need to reboot their modems to load the faster upstream configurations.

“Our customers have expressed a need for faster upload speeds and we’re committed to listening to our customers and delivering the latest products and technical advancements while maintaining the highest level of reliability and customer care,” said Joe Felbab, Cable ONE VP of marketing, in a statement.

The changes come about five months after Cable ONE eliminated cable modem data plans that included overage fees. Under the new fee-free policy, customers who go over their monthly limits are urged to move to a plan with a higher monthly consumption ceiling.

Cable ONE serves 730,000 customers in 19 states.