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Cable ONE Doubling Down on the Downstream

Cable ONE said it’s performing capacity upgrades that will double the downstream speeds for new and existing residential High Speed Internet customers in more than 90% markets starting this October.

By tier, here’s how the downstream speed bumps stack up:  

- 50 Mbps jumps to 100 Mbps;

-75 Mbps rises to 150 Mbps; and

-100 Mbps “Ultra” plan hits 200 Mbps.

Among those plans, Cable ONE is offering the 100-Meg tier for $35 per month to new subs for the first three months starting in October.

The MSO said it will invest $67 million this year on network upgrades and enhancements, a “first step” toward providing a 1-Gig residential broadband service that will be announced in more detail sometime next month.  Another mid-sized MSO, Suddenlink, recently launched a 1-Gig (downstream) service using a DOCSIS 3.0-powered Hitron modem that can bond 32 6MHz-wide downstream channels.

Cable ONE ended the second quarter with 457,401 residential data subs, up 2.4% from the year-ago quarter.

"As customers continue to stream, download, and connect across multiple devices, we know that speed is key in satisfying this growing demand," said Joe Felbab, the MSO’s VP of marketing, in a statement. "Doubling our speeds will create more customer value and provide a superior High Speed Internet experience for our customers."