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Cable Economic Impact Up In Down Economy

The cable industry contributes a quarter trillion dollars
and about 1.8 million jobs to the U.S.

That is according to a 2010 Bortz Media and Sports
Group study released by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association

Those figures are up from $227 billion and 1.5 million
jobs according to a similar 2008 report.

"Even during the recent economic downturn, the cable
industry continued to create new jobs in both distribution and content, and to
invest in infrastructure, bringing faster broadband, innovative video services
and competitive phone service to millions of consumers," said NCTA
President Kyle McSlarrow in announcing the study.

Cable as economic engine is a key message for operators as
the Obama administration continues to view industry through the prism of
job creation and economic growth.

The study also points out that cable has led development of
broadband infrastructure, "contributing both to a truly competitive telecommunications
marketplace and to more robust growth in the penetration of broadband

The NCTA also released its version of a national,
interactive map. The NTIA two weeks ago
released its broadband availability map online,
but the NCTA map illustrates where cable-generated dollars and jobs are available to boost local