The Cable Center Launches ‘Community of Innovators’

The Cable Center has introduced the Community of Innovators, a new program to be piloted in Denver that aims to “connect cable’s trailblazers and top executives” with a new wave of leaders who will help define the industry’s future.”

The Cable Center said the Community of Innovators will be made up of four primary components:

-Innovation Laureates: Made up of industry trailblazers and key influencers, this group will mentor, teach, and motivate the next generation of cable industry leaders. This year’s laureates include: Bridget Baker, founder and CEO, Baker Media Inc.; Julian Brodsky, co-founder and retired vice chairman, Comcast Corp.; Leo J. Hindery, Jr., founder and managing partner, InterMedia Partners, LP; Phil McKinney, president and CEO, CableLabs; Josh Sapan, president and CEO, AMC Networks; Quentin Schaffer, EVP, Corporate Communications, HBO; David Zaslav, president and CEO, Discovery Communications; and Jeff Zucker, president, CNN Worldwide.

-Intrapreneurship Academy: A 10-week pilot program will provide 20 emerging leaders with both in-person and online learning opportunities to gain knowledge and skills they can apply to self-selected projects.

-Startup Week Partnerships: The Community of Innovators will participate in Startup Weeks across the country, tapping into the network of emerging innovators and creating opportunities for local entrepreneurs to connect with cable industry leaders. During the 2017 pilot, the program will co-sponsor Denver Startup Week’s Pitch Challenge.

-Mavericks Lecture Series: The Cable Center is reviving its Mavericks Lecture Series, with the Center’s Innovation Laureates to be invited to serve as lecturers for the inaugural year.

“The Cable Center tells the story of the dynamic cable industry. But the story is not just about the past. The Community of Innovators program allows us to focus on the exciting future of the industry, while also celebrating its innovative legacy,” Jana Henthorn, The Cable Center’s president and CEO, said in a statement.

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“For any industry to thrive, organizations need to foster a culture of innovation. The Community of Innovators is a vital step in support of the industry’s efforts on this journey,” added Michael Willner, chairman of The Cable Center’s board of directors and CEO of Penthera Partners.