Cable Center Celebrates 'Bronco Friday'

Staffers at Denver-based The Cable Center are very much ready for Super Bowl 50 this Sunday, pitting their beloved (but underdog) Denver Broncos against the powerful Carolina Panthers in a matchup of younger (Carolina's Cam Newton) and older (Denver's Peyton Manning) top-gun quarterbacks.

Cable Center CEO (and head coach) Jana L. Henthorn, a member of the 2016 class of MCNWomen to Watch, led the celebration of "Bronco Friday" at the center, which is the nonprofit educational hub celebrating the cable industry.

Here's who's in the photo.

Back Row, L to R: Matt Hollingsworth, Brian Kenny, Nic van Dessel, Bethany Friday, Diane Christman, Jessica Weimer, Emily Gibson (hat tip to Emily for sending the photo).

Front Row, L to R: Luke Woodruff, Steve Luiting, Sarah Clausen, Jana L. Henthorn, Joyce Alden-Schuyler, Monsi Vazquez (Intern and 2015 TLC Say Yes to the Prom participant).