C-COR’s Network DVR Goes Live in Ore.

BendBroadband -- an independent cable operator in Bend, Ore., which serves 32,000 subscribers -- will use C-COR’s video-on-demand server to provide network-digital-video-recorder service for some of its own programming.

The operator is currently offering only local TV content that it produces itself through the network-DVR service -- a move that would keep it clear of the legal trouble Cablevision Systems has faced with its network-DVR rollout.

A pending lawsuit filed by broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC and a group of movie studios seeks to prevent Cablevision from offering a network-DVR service that would allow customers to record and view programming via a remote server.

The suit, scheduled for a court hearing in New York this week, alleged that the Cablevision service violates content-creators' copyrights.

BendBroadband will initially provide playback of Good Morning Central Oregon, a weekday news and weather program, and it plans to add high-school sports, cooking shows and other local programming to the network-DVR service.

“This shows that you don’t necessarily need to be the largest operator in the world to take advantage of some of these features,” C-COR senior vice president of global advanced technology Joe Matarese said.

The operator is using C-COR’s Local On Demand Packager to manage content ingest and metadata entry.