Buyers' Guide

Buena Vista Television
3rd Rock From the Sun
Ebert & Roeper
Home Improvement
Live with Regis and Kelly
The Tony Danza Show
Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

Movies from Disney, Hollywood Pictures, Touchstone, and Miramax
Sales Force:
Howard Levy
Executive VP
Phone: 212.456.1740
Jim Engleman
Senior VP, Midwest
Phone: 312.595.7777
Norman Lesser
Senior VP, East
Phone: 212.456.1741
Irv Schulman
Phone: 212.456.1742
Cindy Auker
Account Executive
Phone: 212.456.1743

King World Media Sales
Bob Vila's Home Again
CBS Marketwatch
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Everybody Loves Raymond
Inside Edition
Living It Up! With Ali & Jack
Martha Stewart Living
Soul Train
Soul Train Christmas Starfest
Soul Train Music Awards
Dr. Phil
The Oprah Winfrey Show
Wheel of Fortune

Sales Force
Steven Hirsch
President, Eastern
Phone: 212.315.4747
Michael Auerbach
Senior VP, Eastern
Phone: 212.315.4747
Dale Casterline VP, Western Sales, Western
Phone: 310.264.3300
Robin King
VP, Midwest Sales, Midwest
Phone: 312.644.3600
Scott Trupchak
Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212.315.4747
Whitey Chapin
VP, Research, Eastern
Phone: 212.541.0243
Robert Cole
Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212.315.4747
Benjamin Knezovic
Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212.315.4747
Kimberley Wright
Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212.315.4747

MGM/NBC Media Sales Group
Access Hollywood
Crossing Jordan
George Michael Sports Machine
Rebecca's Garden
Good Housekeeping Reports
Starting Over
The Chris Matthews Show
The Jane Pauley Show
The Remarkable Journey
The Wall Street Journal Report
Wild Moments
Sales Force:
Chris Kager
President, MGM/NBC Media Sales
Phone: 212-708-0333
Michael Daraio
Executive VP, Advertiser Sales
Phone: 212.708.0412
Robert Chenoff
VP, Advertiser Sales
Phone: 212.708.0348
John C. Kearney
VP, Advertiser Sales
Phone: 212.708.0393
Spencer Hudnut
Account Executive, Advertiser Sales
Phone: 212.708.0422
John Wettersten
VP, Midwest Advertiser Sales
Phone: 312.782.0500

Paramount Advertiser Services
Entertainment Tonight
Hot Ticket
Judge Joe Brown
Judge Judy
Maximum Exposure
Montel Williams
The Parkers
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Spin City
The Insider
Unexplained Mysteries
Paramount blockbuster movies
Sales Force:
Marc Hirsch
President, Paramount Advertiser Services
Phone: 212.654.6901
Paul Montoya
Senior VP/General Sales Manager
Phone: 212.654.6931
Sue Hecht
VP/Eastern Sales Manager
Phone: 212.654.6921
Jessica Wiener
VP, Sales
Phone: 212.654.6917
Ed Fogarty
Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212.654.6918
Steve Montana
Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212.654.6916
Todd Schwartzman
Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212.654.6919
Keith Luttkus
VP/Midwest Sales Manager
Phone: 312.696.4423

Sony Pictures Television
The King of Queens
Judge Hatchett
Just Shoot Me
Life & Style
Pat Croce: Moving In
Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
Steve Harvey Show
Walker, Texas Ranger
Sales Force:
Barbara "Bo" Argentino
Executive VP, Advertiser Sales
Phone: 212-833-8282
Amy Carney
Senior VP, Advertiser Sales and Operations
Phone: 212-833-4039
Richard Burrus
Senior VP, Advertiser Sales Strategy
Phone: 212-833-5461
Joseph Tafuri
Senior VP, Advertiser Sales
Phone: 212-833-6398
Stuart Zimmerman
VP, Advertiser Sales
Phone: 212-833-8418

Tribune Entertainment Co.
Family Feud
Famous Homes & Hideaways
Home Delivery
Lost World
Mutant X
Road Rules
Ron Hazelton's House Calls
The Twilight Zone
US Farm Report

DIC Kids Block
Sales Force:
Clark Morehouse
Senior VP, Advertiser Sales
Phone: 212.210.1060
Cindy Donnelly
VP, Advertiser Sales
Phone: 212.210.1023
Bob McPhee
Director, Advertiser Sales
Phone: 212.210.1024
Ben Cohen
Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212-210-1022
Dick Bailey
Director, Advertiser Sales, Midwest
Phone: 312.222.4412

Twentieth Television
Ambush Makeover
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dharma & Greg
Divorce Court
Ex-treme Dating
Good Day Live
King of the Hill
Malcolm in the Middle
On-Air With Ryan Seacrest
Texas Justice
That '70s Show
The Hughleys
The Practice
The X-Files
Yes, Dear

Fox Features
Sales Force:
Bob Cesa
EVP, Barter Advertising and Cable Sales
Phone: 212.556.2520
David Barrington
Senior VP/General Sales Manager
Phone: 212.556.2425
Jim Gronfein
Phone: 212.556.8240
Jodi Chisarick
VP, Eastern
Phone: 212.556.2445
Lee Devinsky
Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212.556.2494
Suzanne Nowacki
Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212-556-2579
Steve Fish
VP, Midwest
Phone: 312-494-2973
Larry VanderBeke
VP, Midwest
Phone: 312.494.2975
JC Kawalec
VP, Western
Phone: 310-369-4869

Universal Domestic Television
Blind Date
List of a Lifetime
The 5th Wheel
The Jerry Springer Show

Premiere One
Universal Features One
Sales Force:
Elizabeth Herbst
Executive VP, Ad Sales
Phone: 212.373.7770
Tim Miller
VP, Ad Sales
Phone: 212.373.7767
Anthony Graziano
Director, Ad Sales
Phone: 212.373.7772
Christina Buckley
Account Executive, Ad Sales
Phone: 212.373.7779
Mark Granieri
Director of Operations
Phone: 212.373.7773
Mary Strabel
VP, Ad Sales, Midwest & West Coast
Phone: 312.670.3580

Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution
Access Hollywood
Celebrity Justice
Judge Mathis
Street Smarts
Suddenly Susan
The Drew Carey Show
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
The Larry Elder Show
The People's Court
The West Wing
Will & Grace

Prime Movies
Sales Force:
Michael Teicher
Executive VP, Media Sales
Phone: 212.636.5310
Roseann Cacciola
Senior VP/General Sales Manager, Eastern
Phone: 212.636.5307
Joel Lewin
Director, Media Sales, Eastern
Phone: 212.636.5356
Gina Ciorciari
Director, Media Sales, Eastern
Phone: 212.636.5858
Jeff Wosleger
Director, Media Sales, Eastern
Phone: 212.636.5320
Larry Alecia
Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212.636.5395
Michael Kenny
Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212.636.5321
Amy Corliss
Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212.636.5328
Keith Figa
Associate Account Executive, Eastern
Phone: 212-636-5396
Phil Peters
VP, Media Sales, Midwest
Phone: 312.440.1100
Nicole Caddick
Account Executive, Media Sales, Midwest
Phone: 312.440.0471
Jean Goldberg
VP, Media Sales Research
Phone: 212.636.5363
Marcy Abelow
VP, New Business Development, Eastern
Phone: 212.636.5308
Sandra Szahun
Director, Integrated Sales & Marketing, Eastern
Phone: 212.636.5335
Marisusan Trout
Director, Media Sales, Western
Phone: 818-954-1329