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Buy It or Avoid It? Using Social Media to Gauge New Shows

Networked Insights, the analytics company that uses social
network data to help brands understand how viewers are responding to TV shows
and advertising, has issued its list of 2012 fall broadcast shows it recommends
marketers either buy or avoid.

NI -- which is funded by Goldman Sachs -- delivers recommendations
on specific TV shows by analyzing conversations in social media across the
Internet. The social data they analyze comes in every six seconds from a
variety of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and
thousands of blogs and forums.

And given that information, the NI recommended series for
next season include CBS drama Vegas and sitcom Partners; Fox's midseason drama The Following
and sitcoms The MindyProject and The Goodwin Games;
ABC dramas Nashville, 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort; NBC
drama Revolution and sitcoms The New Normal and 1600 Penn;
and CW dramas Cult,The Carrie Diaries and Arrow.

Among the new fall series NI is recommending media
buyers pass on are CBS dramas Made in Jersey and Golden Boy
and sitcom Friend Me; Fox drama The Mob Doctor and comedy Ben and Kate; ABC sitcoms Malibu Country and The Family Tools
and drama Zero Hour; NBC drama Infamous
and sitcoms Next Caller and Go On; and CW drama Emily
Owens, M.D.

The NI research cites
specific reasons for the judgments, from Mindy Project star Mindy
Kaling's huge Twitter presence, to Malibu Country star Reba McEntire's
lackluster social networking resonance, despite her previous success on a WB

The company, which has done work with both TV networks and
advertisers, recently formed a partnership with MagnaGlobal, the strategy,
intelligence and media investment arm of Mediabrands, which oversees media
agencies such as Initiative and Universal McCann, among others.

MagnaGlobal is planning to integrate Networked Insights'
social data into its own proprietary media metrics to help build investment
strategy for its clients during the upfronts and throughout the year.

"Because we buy precisely what our clients need,
partnering with Networked Insights ensures that every project we do is grounded
in the brand's audience profile and leverages the best programming
recommendations to connect with them," says Brian Hughes, senior VP, audience
analysis at MagnaGlobal.

"We have been working with MagnaGlobal for a while
delivering insights and results to their clients, but this a formalization of
the relationship so we can deliver on our approach globally," said Dan
Neely, CEO of Networked Insights.

Networked Insights has also done work with Group M, MTV and
marketers such as Samsung, Kraft and MillerCoors.

Here is what the NI research says about the shows it

Vegas, CBS: The cast is well-liked, but the
largest driving interest to check out this show is because it's a period piece
and sounds interesting.

Partners, CBS: Viewers, particularly old Will and Grace fans, are excited to see
Sophia Bush in this new project, and similar ensemble comedies like Rules of Engagement resonate well with
viewers online.

The Following, Fox: Kevin Bacon may have been
cast as this show's lead, but it's really the show's creator, Kevin Williamson
(most recently creator of The Vampire Diaries),
that's interesting the viewers.

The Mindy Project, Fox: While Kaling
plays one of the minor characters in The
, she has a significant Twitter presence and is considered very humorous.

The Goodwin Games, Fox: The co-creators of How I Met Your Mother are going to find
it difficult to recreate the same magic with viewers, but according to social
data, HIMYM viewers are ready for new

Nashville, ABC: This year, ABC is going big
with the country music theme, and unlike Malibu
, Nashville is offering
viewers a bit more content, with Connie Britton fresh from fan favorite show Friday Night Lights.

666 Park Avenue, ABC: This show is
successfully appealing to viewers of American
Horror Story
, and Terry O'Quinn from Lost
is just sweetening the deal.

Last Resort, ABC: It's been a long time since SeaQuest was on the air and viewers seem
ready for new submarine adventures, particularly Glee fans who are excited to see Max Adler in a new role.

Revolution, NBC: While the fanfare over J.J.
Abrams is not what it used to be, this show is piquing a lot of viewer interest
because of Eric Kripke, the creator of Supernatural,
who's helped create a generation of super-fans for The CW.

The New Normal, NBC: Although Ryan Murphy's
writing style does not appeal to everyone, being the co-creator of Glee will certainly, and already has,
attracted the interest of many viewers to this show.

1600 Penn, NBC: Viewers of Modern Family love to share content with
each other, and can't get enough of the show; more of the same from Modern Family's creator looks like a win
for media buyers.

Cult, TheCW: This series takes the
creative team from Gossip Girl (one
of the most discussed shows online) and picks a cast primarily out of minor
actors from its other shows. As a result, this show is one of the most
anticipated new CW entries.

The Carrie Diaries, The CW: This appeals more
to viewers of Gossip Girl that are
tired of all the Chuck and Blair drama than to the longtime Sex and the City viewers. This show's
conversation is trending positive online.

Arrow, The CW: Going into the upfronts, this
show already had comic fans discussing their thoughts in a positive way about
the Green Arrow's supposed costume.

And here is what the NI research says about the shows buyers
should pass on: 

Made in Jersey, CBS: The current cast
associated with this project doesn't have a strong social presence and the Harry's Law narrative style does not
resonate strongly with viewers.

Golden Boy, CBS: Viewers are becoming fatigued
with cop dramas (CBS' newest one, NYC 22,
struggled to inspire online discussion), and the lack of a strong cast is not
helping this show.

Friend Me, CBS: The title of this series does
not resonate with viewers and there was a bit of negative confusion early on
when people were wondering why the show's title was making a Facebook
reference, when the series is taking place at Groupon.

TheMob Doctor, Fox: Being
positioned through PR as Fox's medical drama to replace House is not resonating strong with viewers, nor is Jordana Spiro
creating a lot of interest.

Ben and Kate, Fox: While this show has
been receiving considerable PR attention, viewers appear to be more
apprehensive about it, and its "stupid funny" style of comedy. This
show is likely to go the route of NBC's Best
Friends Forever

Malibu Country, ABC: Reba McEntire may be an
award-winning country music artist and a onetime WB sitcom star, but currently
she has a rather lackluster resonance on social media and the show's content is
hit-and-miss with viewers.

The Family Tools, ABC: A remake of a British
modernization of Sanford and Son,
featuring the wife from TheKing of Queens, the show's premise and casting
do not catch the attention of viewers.

Zero Hour, ABC: Anthony Edwards may well be
remembered by older TV fans for his role on ER,
but today he doesn't have much of a social presence; the thriller-style
narrative also struggles on ABC as was evident in their recently cancelled
series Missing.

Next Caller, NBC: The humor of Dane Cook has
always been hit-or-miss, but having him play a chauvinistic talk radio host did
not resonate well with viewers. One commenter's response was, "Why do you
hate us, NBC?"

Go On, NBC: In a post-Friends world, Matthew Perry and the rest of his old costars have
struggled to find success in new shows. That, mixed with viewer disinterest in
the proposed sports-themed narrative, makes this show a possible
"social turkey."

Infamous, NBC: This drama may seem geared
toward viewers of Revenge and The Ghost Whisperer, but its proposed
plot is not initially attracting viewers.

Emily Owens, M.D., The CW: Over the last year, the rookie
medical dramas have generated some of the least social media buzz (A Gifted Man, Off the Map, Hart of Dixie)
and this series is going to struggle even more.