Bundled-Service Subs Up a Bundle

Three out of 10 consumers now buy communications services in bundles, an increase of 20% from 2004, according to a survey by Horowitz Associates Inc.

Telephone companies may have a slight edge in the quest for new bundled-services customers. In the November survey, about one-half of the cable and satellite customers surveyed said they would buy bundled services from a single provider if they were offered a 10% discount from the price they currently pay for those services. But 52% of the respondents said they'd get the bundle from a telephone company, while 48% would patronize a cable provider.

Those who've already bought the bundle said one-bill convenience and good company reputations were the most influential factors in their decisions.

Of those surveyed, 15% said they had switched providers for at least one of their telecommunications services in the last six months.