Buena Vista Going Syndie With Lizzie, Stevens

Buena Vista Television is taking Hilary Duff and Shia LaBeouf into broadcast syndication this fall.

The Disney syndication company has positioned Disney Channel stalwarts Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens as meeting the FCC’s requirements for stations to program three hours of educational fare per week. The programs are being sold on an all-barter basis.

The award-winning Lizzie McGuire premiered in 2001, becoming Disney Channel’s top-rated series with kids
6-11 and ‘tweens 9-14. Starring Duff, the comedy chronicles a girl’s efforts to survive seventh grade.

Even Stevens

, which has also won awards and stars LaBeouf and Christy Carlson Romano, is a comedy showcasing  the lives of the two youngest members of an upper-middle-class family.