Buchanan, Press reunite on MSNBC

MSNBC is reuniting former CNN Crossfire combatants conservative
commentator Pat Buchanan and liberal analyst Bill Press for a new afternoon

Buchanan and Press will host a show from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. ET on MSNBC
beginning July 15, the day MSNBC migrates to its new prime time chatter format.

A second mid-day addition is New York talk radio duo Curtis Sliwa and Ron
Kuby, anchoring their own show from noon to 2 p.m. ET beginning June 17. Both
shows have yet to be named.

MSNBC plans to supplement talk programming with 90-second news updates at the
top and bottom of the hour.

The new afternoon block is the latest change out of MSNBC, which on July 15
will introduce three new shoes, including Phil Donahue's Donahue, and bid
farewell to its current big gun Brian Williams, whose newscast moves over to