BroadLogic to Ops: Triple Spectrum

BroadLogic Network Technologies announced the commercial availability Monday of its TeraPIX video processor.

The vendor said the BL80000 TeraPIX chip will allow cable operators to triple their digital spectrum, putting their networks on equal footing with telcos’ fiber-to-the-home networks.

“The BL80000 TeraPIX chip is the world's first massively parallel multichannel-video processor, capable of decoding dozens of digital-video streams and generating a full analog and digital service tier, including an 80-plus analog-channel lineup, that any number of cable-ready devices (TVs, DVRs [digital-video recorders], PCs with tuner cards, etc.) can view, plus up to 160 standard-definition or 50 HD programs,” the company said in a release.

CEO Danial Faizullabhoy added, “The BroadLogic TeraPIX video processor is the cable industry's best path to tripling their digital bandwidth while sustaining the cable-ready competitive advantage they enjoy today.”