Broadcom Rolls Out VoIP Wi-Fi Chips

Broadcom Corp. Monday announced a chip set for wireless Internet-protocol phones.

The vendor said Wi-Fi phones based on its chip set will offer consumers a cordless phone replacement that can also support data applications such as Web browsing, electronic mail and instant messaging.

Broadcom's wireless-IP-phone chip-set solution consists of its “BCM1160” mobile voice-over-IP processor and its “BCM4318 AirForce One” 54g chip, which enable a complete wireless VoIP handset solution capable of supporting emerging Wi-Fi and VoIP standards, as well as new data and multimedia applications over an 802.11g Wi-Fi connection.

“As the worldwide leader in Wi-Fi and an emerging leader in VoIP customer-premises-equipment solutions, it is a natural step forward for us to combine these two technologies onto one platform for the development of wireless-IP phones,” said Robert A. Rango, group vice president of Broadcom's mobile and wireless group, in a prepared statement.