Broadcom Introduces New Voice Chip

Broadcom Corp. has introduced a new voice-over-cable-modem chip that it said reduces current costs and delivers improved performance.

The “BCM3368” incorporates new voice-over-Internet-protocol on enhanced RISC (reduced-instruction-set computer) processor architecture, and it cuts modem costs by 20%, Broadcom said.

The chip set can handle PacketCable and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), plus potential cellular applications over cable plant. It includes advanced firewall technology.

In a release, the new chip got a thumbs-up from Steve Craddock, Comcast Corp.’s senior vice president of new-media development. “Advancing voice over cable technology and deployment rates is one of the top initiatives of cable operators, as it presents a major revenue growth opportunity,” Craddock said.

The chip is priced at $25 in volumes of 100,000 or more, Broadcom said.