Broadcasting, the Inspector's Gadget

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By Ken Orchard, California

I placed an ad in Broadcasting
magazine in the Spring of 1957. I was about to graduate from college with a
degree in radio. On Thursday June 13, 1957 I graduated. On Friday, June 14,
1957, Millie and I got married.

Our honeymoon was a trip from Glendale, Calif., where we
were married, to Crescent City, Calif. From my ad in Broadcasting, I was
hired at station KCRE-AM.

After working 3 months, I placed another ad in Broadcasting
and accepted a Chief Engineer job in Harriman, Tenn.  The Station was
owned by 2 country stars: Ernest Tubb and Hank Snow.

 I used Broadcasting 2 times for getting jobs. 
I landed another job back in Los Angeles and didn't use the magazine until

I filled out an application to build an FM station and of
course, Broadcasting magazine always
published applications for all new stations.  It seems the person who did
that work at your magazine was out sick. My application was not
published.  Many times applicants would watch the magazine and then send
in to the FCC an application as well.  Mine was granted and in 1980 I
built my first station. Later I built more stations here in California.

 What am I doing now?  After operating my
5-station radio group for almost 15 years, I sold out.  I retired for 2
days and took advantage of all my years in radio and television.

Now in my early 70s, I inspect stations for FCC
Compliance.  It's been over 50+ years later and I am still in the radio
and television business. Having inspected over 450 stations all over the
USA.  My wife and I have been in all 50 states.  We just got back
from inspecting radio and television stations in 8 states on our last road trip
here in 2011.

And it all started with the Broadcast magazine
over 50 years ago.