Brix Watches Live IPTV

Brix Networks is letting service providers continuously monitor live, broadcast Internet-protocol-TV video streams.

BrixVision Live Monitoring monitors and analyzes live video streams at critical service-demarcation points within the delivery network, such as headends, regional hubs or local video-serving offices.

The tool provides different views of IPTV performance, including operational monitoring, service-level-agreement compliance, installation verification, troubleshooting and customer care.

For example, the BrixVision dashboard can alert network-operations staff to service degradations or outages, and it reports current video quality and service-performance indicators. The software’s reporting feature lets providers graph performance of individual channels and locations by comparing more than 40 collected quality metrics.

Other vendors that provide video-monitoring systems include Mixed Signals and IneoQuest.

Brix, based in Chelmsford, Mass., was founded in 1999. Its core product offerings are voice-over-IP quality-measurement tools for service providers.

The company said BrixVision Live IPTV Monitoring is available now; pricing varies based on the “scope and scale” of a network operator's deployment.