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Britt: Time Was Right for Retirement

Battling with a bout of laryngitis no doubt brought on in part by countless requests to reflect on his 12-year tenure as chief of Time Warner Cable, Glenn Britt said the decision to retire at the end of this year was one that he has thought long and hard about for nearly five years.

"I started talking to the board about my eventual retirement and succession planning as early as 2008," about succession plans, Britt said in an interview Thursday. "Obviously one subject is what's the right timing, which means, what's the right timing for me personally and also what's right for the company? I do think that 12 years is a pretty long time. I do think CEOs should rotate out before too long.

"I'm 64; next March I'm going to be 65," Britt added. "It was the right time for me."

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