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BrightRoll Reports Online Video Ad Spending Growth

BrightRoll, an online video
ad services provider, states in their third annual Online Video Advertising
Report that mobile video inventory, an increased adoption of industry standards
and better targeting tools are helping increase the prominence of video
advertising, reported

The report explains that 28%
of media buyers expected to see the greatest increase in ad spending in online
video for 2011, with 27% predicting more spending in mobile video and 25% in
social media. In addition, 86% of the buyers will reallocate dollars from
displays over to video, with 64% moving TV ad dollars. Online video advertising
is emerging as an equally or more effective alternative to TV ads, with nearly
two-thirds of respondents agreeing.

BrightRoll's report on this
topic is part of its larger goal to further industry research. The Online Video
Advertising Report also includes new data that demonstrations the speed at
which online video ad spending is rising, with more media buyers moving TV and
display budgets over to the new medium. Concerns over online media are directly
related to the lack of defined success metrics and industry standards, which
BrightRoll has supported with a $1M pledge to advance research.