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Bright House Bumps Broadband Speeds

Bright House Networks will boost residential broadband speeds for no added cost in early December.

Bytier, all marketed under the Lightning brand, here are the changes on the way: 

- 35 Mbps down by 2 Mbps up rises to 50x5;

-75x5  jumps to 100x10;

-150x10 moves to 200x15;  

-300x15 will increase the upstream side of the speed ledger to 20 Mbps.

“The speed boosts come at no additional charge to existing customers who already subscribe to these packages,” said the MSO, which has also deployed 52,000 WiFi hotspots, which factor into the 400,000 that are part of the Cable WiFi roaming consortium that also includes Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision Systems and Cox Communications.

Bright House Networks, which is merging with Charter Communications, said it will also launch its Lightning 300 service in additional service areas, and introduce a new highi-speed Internet package to customers, including a 25x3 tier,  in January 2016.