Scientific-Atlanta screaming for media

Scientific-Atlanta has signed on ScreamingMedia to be the first provider of customized content for S-A's InView information-on-demand application for cable TV. The first release of the InView application (due this summer) will provide cable systems with 12 personalization options for screen graphics to use on a 24-hour, on-demand channel. ScreamingMedia will also bundle SiteWare, its aggregation and integration platform for third-party content, into InView.

Worldgate starter kit

WorldGate is introducing the WorldGate ITV Starter Kit, a new offering for cable operators, at NCTA. It contains the hardware needed to deploy WorldGate's interactive television applications. It's priced at $39,995 and can support up to 5,000 interactive subscribers. Along with e-mail and Web browsing, the kit supports WorldGate's patented Channel HyperLinking technology.

New menu at MSNBC's new version of News Menu uses Dynamic HTML (DHTML) for easier access to the site's one-click navigation.

Voice-Activated Messaging via TV

Integra5 will showcase The Messaging Channel, a "content-aware gateway" that combines television, rich media and voice technology to enable new interactive content services for operators.

The Messaging Channel offers cable-TV customers integrated messaging (including e-mail, voice mail, faxes, chat, instant messaging and SMS messaging) via the TV without a keyboard. The technology can be integrated with existing digital set-top boxes and supports common sound, graphics and multimedia attachments.

Narrowcasting Ads

Expanse Networks Inc. will demonstrate ExpanseTV MicroZone, a system that can deliver targeted advertisements to any analog or digital cable subscriber.

Cable-network operators can offer advertisers the means to "narrowcast" their commercials to the most appropriate, demographically selected viewers. Because it is performed without the need for a set-top box, every subscriber can receive targeted advertisements.

Local-Area Networking

HighSpeed Surfing Inc. is helping consumers expand their home or office broadband connections into a local-area network (LAN) without wires. The company's 802.11b wireless device integrates voice, video and data, while utilizing radio technology to communicate between PCs.

Consumers in one household can share a broadband Internet connection along with files, computer games and printers, while saving time, money and the hassle of installing networking wires.